At Bruhy Body, we do it all!  From concours winning full restoration, or radical body modification with custom metal fabrication, to quality collision repair, our skilled technicians are ready to exceed the expectations of our discerning customers. In the Bruhy Performance division, our mechanics and builders are capable of completing any concept.  From ground up chassis replacement, engine builds, turbo and supercharger design and installation,  to LS/Coyote/Hemi engine swaps. If we can't do it, you probably didn't want it done anyway...

Bruhy's upholstery shop will make your car interior fit your body and soul.  It starts with the customer selecting from thousands or combinations of material, texture, and color.  From factory original restoration to wild custom design, we're focused on what the customer wants to achieve.

If we're only refinishing a section of your car, we have state-of-the-art equipment and experience to match your existing paint.  Heck, we'll even match the factory orange peel, if you want.  We have a new technology color match camera that will analyze your existing color.  The camera is linked to our color match computer, which will give us an exacting color match mix formula. We also have a new, full set of car color chips for verification with our Sun Gun.  Proper color match is guaranteed.

When choosing an all new color for your vehicle, it all begins with your vision.  We're happy to consult with you, offering our opinions and advice.  However, it's not about what we like.  It's about what you like and the desired character of your car.  It might help you to decide by going new car shopping.  When you find the car that has the color you want, simply snap a picture of the VIN plate.  Color choice is very important, so we keep up on color trends to choose or avoid the hot new colors.  Color is also very personal and subjective, so our goal is to help you choose a color that you will love.

Our premier restoration service provides paint quality ready for any regional or national level car show.  Vital to any world class paint work is PREPARATION.  You can't cover bad prep with paint. Once the body work team has handed off the car to the paint department, each panel and gap is verified again. Surfaces are cleaned with special formulas to make certain all contaminants are removed.  A single hand touch will leave skin oils that might jeopardize the long-term adhesive properties of the paint, primer and metal.

We have three craftsman auto paint artists on the Bruhy Body team.  If your car deserves a car show winning paint finish, let Bruhy make it happen.  If factory original is what your look to achieve, we can make it look like it just rolled off the assembly line.  Our paint services include custom graphics, painted pinstriping, custom painted motorcycle tanks and skins.  If exotic materials and paint techniques turn your crank, let us work with you to make your wildest ideas become reality.

Bruhy Body technicians are experts on installation of new body panels, ensuring perfect fitment and alignment.  In situations where new panels are not available, we can custom fabricate metal panels to restore the original body shape and lines of the vehicle. Our metal craftsman utilize our wide array of metal working tools to fabricate whatever is needed to restore and beautify any vehicle body.  Our certified welders use MIG and TIG to create their steel and aluminum art.  You name it and we can make it.

Our showroom is a combination of cars that are for sale, future Bruhy Body projects, and cars on display to demonstrate the quality of our work.  Right now we have a Z28 here that Nick painted more than 10 years ago.  It's one thing for a shop to display their fresh work, but how does it look 10 years later?  Our Z28 is still a show winner.